Website Update Announcement


There are changes coming around the corner. How amazing 2018 is moving and things are becoming more and more clear. Here are some announcements I’d like to share with my readers.

Donation campaign drive:

If you are wondering about the donation drive, here is the scoop. Instead of running obnoxious ads on this site, connecting with affiliate sites and selling items, I believe that there is greater impact one is able to make within the community. Every donation received, 10% of that will go to help a local agency that works with people struggling with mental health, substance use, dealing with homelessness, and other life impacts.

Donations also help with maintaining this website, continue to provide relevant and original content to the readers. This includes helping to pay contributors who will help provide inspiring content.

Content change and focus: 

The home page will be changed to reflect the nature of content that will be published here. The goal is to move away from the political Op-Ed content and focus more on publishing content related to personal, spiritual, and professional growth. While I believe politics are important – it is not the primary focus of this website and content.

What readers will begin seeing is content focusing more on recovery oriented information, inspiring insights for personal and professional growth, spiritual guidance and discipline, and faith promoting content. These articles are driven from a Christian based worldview.

Book Reviews: 

Beginning 2019, I will be  working on writing and publishing book reviews. These books are focused on recovery, personal, and professional growth. Each book reviewed will have an associated link. I will also promote those books I review through donation campaigns. And no, I am not being paid to write these reviews. However, do believe that books are a good source to learn from.

Recovery Interviews: 

Another goal for 2019 is to interview and publish stories of people who are in recovery. These will focus on those individuals who have successfully overcame their substance use, homelessness, and other maladaptive issues. It is also to shed light on and share stories of those who are still struggling with their own personal conflicts and issues.

Damascus Road Recovery: 

As I continue to work in the field, I have been privileged to know intimate conflicts and issues men face in recovery. Not just my own personal issues. Those issues men struggle with. Dealing with housing, fatherhood, homelessness, and feeling alienated. Because of this, I have felt a shift in my approach to begin developing a program and ministry to work with men who are on their own personal “Damascus Road” and come along side them to assist them in their own recovery. The hope for  this is to launch sometime in 2019 as an online ministry and face-to-face Christian based recovery coach program.

More information will be provided as I work to develop this model and approach and work with other men to help organize.

I definitely appreciate those who come to this website. Please consider making a donation by paypal. Subscribe to receive ongoing updates and relevant information. And, do not forget that by commenting and engaging in discussions, sharing these articles through social media outlets, that you are also helping support this website.  Feel free to send me an email with your comments and feedback as well.


Thank you,


Timothy R. Berman