Website Announcement – Your Donations do matter


Imagine, for a moment, you opened up a business. You’re all excited, advertising, showcasing, and you start generating some interest. People come into your store. All they are required to do is spend $5.00. That’s it. Just $5.00. That first day, people wander in and out and no one makes a purchase.

Now, let’s just say that a few weeks into it, you’ve had about 860 people visit your store. If all of them had spent $5.00, you’d probably have almost $4300.00 right. How about half of them make a purchase, you’d probably have almost $2200.

Posted is a sign that you are wanting to give charitable contributions to two organizations. This totals to 20% of your sales. Meaning, you were able to gift $860 in total charitable contributions, or $440.00.

However, not a single person makes any purchase, or even shares information about what you are offering to them.

Since January 1 – Damascus Way Recovery has received 858 visitors. To-date, there have not been any donations received.

What is the reason for asking people to donate $5.00? Yes, it goes to maintain the website (Which is more than merely writing and publishing articles). Much more, money received helps support the vision and mission of Damascus Way Recovery.

If you are not aware of what that vision and mission is, please review the about page here.

Simple point, it is an organization I am founding to work as a recovery coach for Men who have lost a sense of value, lack a sense of meaning and purpose, and are in need of restoration to a more authentic sense of integrity and masculinity of who they are through Jesus Christ. This is not professional counseling or therapy. It is mentoring and coaching to lift up, enrich, and empower men to become better fathers, husbands, community members, and leaders.

Your donation will help work with men who struggle with homelessness, substance use disorders, mental health issues by encouraging them to seek necessary help and assistance, holding them accountable, and provide a Christ-centered discipleship through core spiritual disciplines.

Therefore, please share this website, share the inspiring articles, comment on the articles, subscribe to the website for ongoing updates, and make a donation to help support this program. Let us be the reason where hope and faith are restored in those men’s lives.

Please consider leaving a tip

To help support this website, please consider leaving a $2, $5, $10, or more tip. All funds go to help maintain this website, pay for ongoing relevant content, and provide ability to donate 10% to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and 10% to the National Coalition for the Homeless.