Favored by God

Today’s Reading: Gen 37 – 38:30; Ps. 9:11-20; Prov. 3:31-35; Matthew 13:1-30

Hated because of God’s favor on our lives

There is a quote circling around Facebook and Twitter social medias. It comes from an October 5, 2018 teaching from The Church News and it is regarding Strong FaithIt appears that it is an anonymous – or no author/contributor identified. This teaching sums up today’s scripture reading:

Cain killed Abel not because Abel wronged him or fought with him but, it was because Cain couldn’t stand the FAVOUR OF GOD in Abel’s life. 

Sometimes you may wonder why people talk behind your back, why they hate you, why they do the things they do to you. It’s not that you have a problem, it’s because they can’t stand the favour of God in your life. 

That’s why you don’t need to stress yourself over people who are determined to frustrate you and misunderstand you. You have to understand that not everyone will like you but everyone shall witness that you are favoured by the Lord. 

Stand firm in what you believe in and no one will shake you.

We are favored of God because of our diligence in walking in obedience and fellowship with Him. He separates us out and calls us to follow Him daily. Yet, we still live among those who are set against God. Set against truth and spiritual mindfulness on the principles of the Gospel message. They do not understand. Yet, it is not for them to understand the mysteries of God. It is for us to understand and apply that understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives.

As we see to perceive, hear to understand with our heart, and find healing in God; we will begin to bear fruit of righteousness.

  1. Amen. I love that verse. I speak it over my family a lot.

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