A Review On The Maxwell Institute Study Edition of the Book of Mormon – A Rare a Possession

1-Book-of-Mormon_Maxwell_7_4-CURRENT-FINAL-UPDATE-1-202x300If you were to see my bookshelf, there will be a variety of Bible translations. I have had the Hebrew-Greek Key KJV Study Bible, an NASB Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible, English Standard Version Study Bible, and currently have a King James Version Study Bible. I’ve also had the Scolfield study bible at one point.

For me, when first read the announcement of this edition to be published, I wanted to obtain a copy for my own personal study. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago I received a twitter response from Maxwell Institute regarding whether I had obtained my own copy yet. When I responded that I am looking forward to purchasing a copy, they asked if I’d do a review for my website and they’d provide a copy for free. Offer accepted.

The Maxwell Institute Study Edition of the Book of Mormon was published on December 31, 2018. Since it’s publication, many wonderful reviews have already been published. For instance, Neal Rappleye published his review on January 13, 2019 at Book of Mormon Central. Brant A. Gardner over at Mormon Interpreter writes his review on this new edition of scripture. Another book review is over at Segullah. All of the reviews provide similarities and variant differences in what this edition offers.

One of the main features is the way the text is formatted.

Click on the image above to the PDF for a better view of the layout

Initial features the reader will notice are:

  1. Quote from Neal A. Maxwell regarding the coming forth of the Book of Mormon
  2. Title Page providing information that the textual notes are from Royal Skousen’s Critical Text Project
  3. Images of Original Woodcuts by Brian Kershisnik
  4. Table of Contents provides an overview of the content in each section of the Book of Mormon
  5. The Introduction being from the 1981 edition, with minor modifications in 2013
  6. Testimony of Emma Smith
  7. Brief History of the Text – Editor’s introduction for the Maxwell Institute Study Edition

In the back of the study edition, the reader will notice the following features:

  1. Maps and Charts – beginning with the possible routes of Lehi’s Journey from Jerusalem into the New World
  2. A General Map of the World the reader will discover in reading the Book of Mormon
  3. Book of Mormon plates and records
  4. List of Record keepers of the sacred text
  5. Chart of key families in the Book of Mormon
  6. Jaredite Kings
  7. Time line of Nephite History
  8. Chronology of the Translation
  9. Statements on the Book of Mormon
  10. Stories of the Translation
  11. General Notes
  12. Literary Parallelism

All of these features provide a more enriching and deeper understanding of the Book of Mormon. For me, what I appreciate the most about this study edition is the layout and footnotes of the text. While there are corresponding scriptures, the footnotes also contain some of the textual variants, alternate readings, quotations, allusions and other literary devices.

There is, however, one thing I’d love to see in a newer edition (if Grant Hardy, the Maxwell Institute, and Brigham Young University may consider) of a study edition of the Book of Mormon. That is having some commentaries on some of the passages (either on the side like the Jewish Publication Society Study Bible) or within the footnotes. For me, these help understand the context of scripture better with those insights. These snippets of commentary being tied to Gospel principle teachings and truths to help people gain a greater understanding of the text.

Overall, I’m thankful for the Maxwell Institute for providing me with a copy of the study edition of the Book of Mormon. It is a definite welcoming new edition to my library and am enjoying reading through it’s pages.

I welcome my readers to obtain a copy of the Maxwell Institute Study Edition of the Book of Mormon through my affiliate link at Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for your view, I have not ever really read the book of Mormon. I have learned about Joseph Smith, saw a video on that before. I am not sure of the book of Mormon being accurate as a new book as a Bible. I do know Mormons are family oriented, which is great. I have seen other stuff, about others being against Mormon, and Mormonism, having a Temple that does not worship the Father of Jesus. Worships Jesus but not the one of the Bible.

    However, and whatever, I seek Gold, God Father out of every thing I hear and take to Father in prayer over. For I do believe, Father through Son, Jesus the Christ, born of the Virgin Mary from the tribe of Judah in the Lineage of King David is the Messiah.

    As I have read through the First Testament, I see through out it, Satan lucifer, that was a high Arch Angel, copycatted God in what was said to his first chosen through Moses.

    How satan, lucifer used the Law to trip up God’s first chosen ones. By being litteral to them in of the Law, using thought, he knows how to plant in the human mind.

    So in misunderstanding the Ten Commandments, Being literal, physically, not seeing Spiritually that the Ten Commands are LOVE in a nutshell. Just as Jesus when on earth in flesh and blood, told them what was is the greatest of the Law. This was said to them when they asked him what is the greatest of the Ten Commands of God?

    He answered LOVE, think on this wise

    The first 4 commands are LOVE to God in his Love to us first, just in making us at the beginning. Then has shown mercy to us all, even after Adam the first sinned against him in doubt of his love.
    God had mercy on them and to this day does to all, where as lucifer does not and does act as if he does today.

    For he has set himself up in the buildings, called Church today. And has caused much fights over us arguing one with another,

    So I see not to do that, I see to accept others as they are, trusting Father of Jesus the Christ to lead each into his love and mercy, he has given us from the start.

    Genesis 3:15 fulfilled today and forever in his done work of perfection for us to be adopted in by him in belief to this lover given us.

    Whether a Mormon or a Pentecostal, or a Methodist. Matters not, for I see God sees the Heart, and God knowing the heart of at first birth offers a new Heart and Spirit as told us in Ezekiel 36:26, that is given us in the resurrected Christ after his one time death for all gave reconciliation to us as 100% forever forgiven of all sin in his one time death, left only one choice left to believe, receive and see.

    Yet being in these bodies we are in that is not saved, still dies. So reckon self as dead already and grow new in Spirit and Truth

    Love you and all people whether in belief or not


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