Being of Good Courage

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

~ Psalm 27:14, KJV ~

As we deepen our commitment to a strong and mature Christian spiritual experience and life, we see a conflict between our old self and new way of living. When we drop our defenses and come to an honest place, we are taking a chance of vulnerability. Some learned long ago that when we became vulnerable, others became abusive. It is difficult to abandon everything we learned about being nobody’s fool and staying safe.

Being committed to a strong and maturing Christian faith does not mean we have to leave ourselves open. We still have the right to be discerning and selective about how open we will be and whom we will place our trust in. For our own spiritual growth to continue, we must be an open book to ourselves, to our Heavenly Father, and to a few friends. We must face the fear of being open to others in our spiritual life. Developing true friends is part of the change which we come to embrace as we progress from faith to faith.

Today, let us pray for the courage to be honest with ourselves and to stand up for who we truly are.

Published by Timothy R. Berman

Founder and content provider for Damascus Way Recovery. Developing relevant content to educate, inform, and empower conversations regarding Homelessness, Substance use Disorders, and Mental Health issues from a Christian perspective and worldview.

One thought on “Being of Good Courage

  1. Where sin abounds, as it does, Grace all the more abounds in us and through us by God Father of risen Son for us to walk new in him. Not of us as I continue to learn this truth to do, not by works though, that is a blockade in the road to try to do, not one can’t perfectly anyway

    So then what is Kintsugi and Grace

    By Andrew Wilson | Wednesday 13 February 2019

    Here’s a beautiful illustration of the Romans 5:20 principle that “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” It comes from Glenn Packiam’s forthcoming book Blessed, Broken, Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus, which I’ve just had the privilege of endorsing.

    We were talking about these ideas one day with friends in our home after a meal, and one of them shared a story about an old Japanese art of mending broken pottery. Kintsugi means “golden joinery.” It’s the art of joining broken pieces of pottery with a liquid resin that resembles gold. The result is a bowl or vase that is more beautiful, more aesthetically complex, and more valuable than the original piece.

    Isn’t that amazing? The new piece with golden seams became so popular among Japanese art collectors in the fifteenth century that some were even accused of purposely breaking pottery in order to repair it with gold.

    That sounds like grace. Grace that takes what is broken and puts it back together in such a way that it is more beautiful and more valuable than it was before.

    Kintsugi and Grace

    I found this today from another site
    Wow, I am seeing what is made new by Father for us in risen Son given us


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