The reward of love

Let all that you do be done in love.

~ 1 Corinthians 16:14, ESV ~

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is based on the foundation of love. It is the feeling of attachment, being related, and of caring. The hallmark is compassion and charity. Prior to coming into recovery and faith, we may have feared love of self and love of others. Our greatest fear is the love of God. Many of us have experienced betrayal of love. Affection not being reciprocated as we had expected. Or, some may have thought relationships had become too convoluted, complicated, and painful. Granted, difficulties in our relationships do exist, we do ourselves disservice by isolating ourselves in not having any relationship.

Reflecting on our relationships and close attachments – we come to realize the essential necessity of them toward our progress in spiritual maturation. Without them, men and women are not engaged in any healthy recovery. We do not want to say to our friends – “What have you done for me?” We all feel an inner fullness and satisfaction when we truly care and accept others as we come to accept and care for ourselves. In this, love is a remarkable reward that we experience from God, and share within our intimate relationships with others.

Today, let us appreciate the joys our relationships bring and remember to do all things in love.

Published by Timothy R. Berman

Founder and content provider for Damascus Way Recovery. Developing relevant content to educate, inform, and empower conversations regarding Homelessness, Substance use Disorders, and Mental Health issues from a Christian perspective and worldview.

One thought on “The reward of love

  1. In God’s Love best explained to me in 1 Cor 13:4-7
    And to get this type it has to be installed, imputed into us by Father of risen Son for us to be in like flint and out like Alexander Monday

    That is described in Romans 4:17-25
    Thanks, good to hear from you Brother


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