Announcement and Updates

Apologies in order

I want to first apologize as my life has had some interesting turns and changes going on. The intent was to provide daily devotions throughout the year regarding recovery, spiritual insights, discipline, and encourage individuals to grow spiritually mindful each day. Unfortunately, a new employment opportunity meant new office hours (which has worked out much better). In addition to the new employment opportunity, my schedule had to also change regarding self care. With all of these changes, my focus had to shift in reorganizing life.

Sabbatical and Fishing

Part of my self-care and re-oriented life involved my re-connection with fishing. This included time with my youngest daughter and spending time with her on fishing trips. She prefers to catch and release.

Moving forward

Damascus Way Recovery has not changed in its mission, values, and purpose. Going forward, time will be designated in publishing daily devotionals, inspiring articles, and running campaigns for donations to help support this ministry.

Yes, this is not merely just a website that I have developed. It is the foundation to a discipleship program for Christian men struggling with recovery due to homelessness, substance abuse disorders, mental health related issues (i.e., depression, rejection/abandonment, anxiety) from a Christian and Biblical based worldview. This website is the first part in fulfilling the mission and ministry I have in working within the local and online community.

Hence, donations are not just to help maintain this website. Your donations go to support this ministry in helping men get connected with needed resources, provide one-on-one individualized mentorship and discipleship through bible studies, and recovery coaching services. Donations will also go toward paying for content from other individuals.

Along with maintaining this website, engaged in ministering to men, there is also a greater need to provide relevant information to pastors, lay ministers, and Christians in general regarding the homelessness, mental health, and substance use related issues facing our communities today. Donations will help set up speaking engagements in the Greater Seattle Area to train up Christians in how to respond to and minister to individuals who are marginalized.

Always grateful

Without your comments, your readership, your donations, prayers, and feedback, this may not have been possible. Always grateful for people who share these articles, engage in the conversations regarding pressing social issues, and cheerful give to assist in reaching those who are broken, lost, and have no sense of direction.


  1. Julpha Jean says:

    How are you Timothy?, good to hear your back. Blessings!


    1. I am good, just had to deal with a lot on my plate here. Miss writing content.


      1. Julpha Jean says:

        oh that’s all good Timothy! as long as you’re back :).. Blessings!


  2. homwardbound says:

    I am glad you are back, Timothy
    Glad you got through and are getting through your troubles that came upon you. Gret to know you qill not deny God, no matter what
    I remember being told John 16:33
    In prayer over it all

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