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What follows is a snippet from a wonderful article from the website Association of Certified Biblical CounselorsIt succinctly describes some of the prevailing issues within the modern Christian Church today. Especially when it comes to dealing with individuals who are in distress and real suffering. I highly recommend reading the full article (link provided below the snippet).


When a person is dealing with something like anxiety or depression, oftentimes we do not think about those problems in the category of the spiritual. We don’t see those things in the realm of the church. We’ve categorized them in such a way that there’s another place that you go to; whether that be the psychologist, or the psychiatrist, or the general practitioner. And I’m not saying with certain physical issues that you shouldn’t go see a general practitioner. Please don’t hear me say that, but what I am saying is that what’s now become predominant is some of these “emotional issues” or “psychological issues” are not seen as primarily the responsibility of the church. Now, I think that’s quite unfortunate because as we categorize these types of human problems, these are domains that we see very prevalent in the Scripture. We see expressions of these things in the Scripture.

For example, we think about depression, or deep sadness, or even suicidal ideation. We see very clearly in the Scriptures, expressions where people who are very mature in faith were experiencing deep difficulty and deep struggle, deep despair, extreme vexations of the soul. And that’s not something that’s foreign to Scripture. It’s demonstrating that this is common to our human experience. And the beauty of God revealing these intimate details of the lives of very mature people in the Scriptures, indicates that these are problems that are in the spiritual domain and that God is intended to be our help, our hope, our rock, our fortress, our defense, and our deliverer.

We see these terms in this particular way, and I think it’s really critical for us to shift back into this re-categorizing what God says is absolutely true about us; that our experiences ought not be categorized in such a way as to push them away from the church. Even physical issues that we deal with, there are physical aspects, but we cannot divide man to such a degree to where something is a physical issue only. We are a holistic being, which means that even when we encounter physical problems, the church is intended to be a haven. The church is intended to be a place where people can go to receive encouragement, help, and hope that’s found in the Lord Jesus relative to their particular issue. That’s intended to bring peace, that’s intended to bring comfort, that’s intended to lighten their load. I fear what’s happened is we’ve been deceived in our culture to look outward and we’ve said, “No, that’s the domain that exists outside of the church.” We’ve categorized these problems, or allowed them to be categorized, as non-spiritual issues or simply as “psychological issues.” I think that’s dangerous. I think it’s dangerous for us in the church to allow that to happen, and to allow that to continue to happen.

Source: TIL 225 | Why is the Church a Last Resort? – Association of Certified Biblical Counselors


  1. Ms. Wanda says:

    Agree. The church should embody the fullness of the power of Christ to work in every part and aspect of our life. When we send people to receive man’s training. we deny the Word of God to be God’s complete system of truth a d counsel for ALL ISSUES OF LIFE.

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    1. Ms. Wanda,

      It is definitely interesting because a few days ago I published an article on how the Church needs to take seriously the conversation about the opioid crisis.


  2. So real, Church might have become an escape from reality of the troubles that are or have or might be going presently, in past and fear of the future too.

    The problems are not exposed, talked of, released, for all to see we all are in the same bost of troubles here on earth. Rather praise comes out as if others are doing better than others in the crowd.

    EX: One gets on stage and tells of the blessing(s) God has done and is doing for them. As others in the crowd are, or might be in thought, good for you, what about me, I am not doing well, yet refrain from saying so. So others get viewed as better than you.

    And James sure does talk about this truth. the Evil is deceptive, as the enemy joins the physical Church and corrupts the Spiritual, in physical flesh and blood acting as if it has got it together, when no flesh does, but ONE.

    Jesus Christ=, who once was known in the flesh, today no more, as told to us in 2 Cor 5:16, then goes forward with the message
    We are all reconciled to God Father by Son for us
    2 Cor 5:17-20



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