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Changes are happening here with Damascus Way Recovery and moving toward a more integrative impact on the lives of individuals seeking refuge and guidance. What are these changes? Well, here is what is happening. Damascus Way Recovery has launched two new pages

Damascus Way Recovery Website

Two new pages were added to the website this past week. The first one focuses on the Damascus Way Recovery Discipleship Program. If you have not checked out this new page, please click on the link provided. This program is the heart and core aspect of where all of this is heading. The second page focuses more on ways you are able to provide donations and help support this page. There are three different ways an individual may be able to help support. Traditionally through PayPal. The second is through an online program Ko-fi where you are able to make a small donation. The third way to help support Damascus Way Recovery is by becoming a Patreon. This third option has different tiers and is on a monthly subscription basis. Each tier has different benefits a person will receive.

Damascus Way Recovery Facebook Group

Today is the launch of the private Facebook Group – Damascus Way Recovery. Here, an individual may engage in conversations, receive support and prayer, be apprised of news and announcements that are happening, and campaigns to raise funds for various causes and seek support for this website, ministry and program.

Coming Attractions

  • Damascus Way recovery will begin developing video messages for those individuals who provide contributions in support of this website and ministry.
  • Podcast will also be developed for individuals interested in audio version of the messages, devotionals, and thoughts related to mindful spiritual growth through Jesus Christ.
  • Special announcements on upcoming publications of a devotional and other works. Individuals who make a monthly contribution of $25.00 or more will receive a pre-release EPUB edition of an upcoming memoir.
  • Invites to local Town Hall Meetings to meet-and-greet the founder and discuss challenges individuals face in their own recovery, Christian walk and life.
  • Special Speaking engagements within the Greater Seattle Area


For those who are already subscribers, who have commented, and who have liked the articles and devotionals on this website: A Huge Thank you for your ongoing readership and support. To those who are new to this website – thank you for being here and hope you find the encouragement and empowerment to experience a fresh faith in Jesus Christ.

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  1. homwardbound says:

    Cool, moving as led, and provided for through others as Father leads this to be.
    Much support in prayer fro this to be as led to be

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