The Eternal Blessings of a Life of Obedience

Today, there are many that talk about God. This is the easy part. It is easy to declare yourself to be a Christian. It is easy to live according to your will and way of thinking. However, when we truly live by God’s divine laws – that becomes quite troublesome. No wonder many Christians have watered down the Gospel message. No wonder many Christians evangelize cheap grace. No wonder has the message of the Cross been more foolishly stripped of its power and authority. For Godly men and women of integrity to live righteously and obediently to God is offensive to those who live according to the cares and dictates of their mindset.

The Importance of Influential Mentors

As we emulate men of valor, righteousness, and integrity – we are emulate Christ himself. We become humble, committed, and faithful. We become Christ-like in service toward others. We strive to be above reproach. And, it is up to us to cultivate those relationships that we desire to emulate in our own lives.

A Cheerful and Happy Heart

God has given us every reason to experience authentic joy and happiness. We are called to be cheerful and thankful. God’s blessings come upon us without measure. His love and grace causes our cups to runneth over.