He is a God of Possibilities and Miracles

God is a God of possibilities and is a God of miracles. He has intervened in ways we are still not able to fully fathom. He does not just preform miracles like a magic show. Miracles occur around us daily. the miracle of a new life being born into this world. Miracle of a person suffering opioid use, or alcoholism, coming to Christ and being healed and forgiven. Strengthened to live a healthy and sober life. The miracle of a prodigal son or daughter coming back home. The miracle of science to help us provide needed medical services to those who are suffering ongoing medical issues.

Lighthouse of the Lord

We are to be an example of Christ’s grace and truth. An example of His compassion and love toward others. He did not appear to bother Himself with the concerns and social upheaval of his day. He spoke truth. He was gentle. He showed mercy and grace. His light exposed the darkness without a single word. He responded from that light and truth in speaking to those hearts who were darkened with self-righteous indignation.

Called to Persevere

We are called to persevere as Christ has persevered. As Christians, we face our hardships with faithfulness that God will empower us to overcome. We are strengthened by God’s grace and mercy. And, if our prayers seemed to go answered. If it seems God is silent in those times we are facing hardships. We are asked to continue to live according to His will and teachings.