My Question – My Being

Photo by Download a pic Donate a buck! ^ on Back in 2004, my father was released from Harboview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. A few months prior to this, he was involved in a serious auto accident outside of Yelm, Washington. He had broken the steering wheel of his small 1980's something pick … Continue reading My Question – My Being

James 2:1-9 | Our Christian Duty Toward the Impoverish

Whether we are rich or poor - we still are beggars standing in need of mercy, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. The Epistle of James reminds us of this reality and truth. Therefore, when we shift our attitudes and perceptions from a worldly concept and false belief, we are able to comprehend and understand the eternal principles of God's divine royal law of love.

James 1:1-4 | Genuine Faith and Trials

James 1:1-4 teaches us the simple and practical truth. That through our faith, patience helps us endure suffering, and the wisdom we gain helps us make the necessary changes and adjust according to the circumstances. Yes – it is true. In the storms of life, we do not have the power and authority to change the tempest. We are empowered to adjust those sails.

Patrisse Cullors On the Criminalization of Mental Illness

Black Lives Matter's Patrisse Cullors has a serious and poignant point. Normally, I disagree with some of the content Mic allows to be published on their website. However, every-now-and-again, I happen across an article on my social media news feed that gives me a different perspective. Greater insight. More understanding with what social issues we are facing … Continue reading Patrisse Cullors On the Criminalization of Mental Illness

Problems with preventing homelessness and substance use disorders

Right opinions matter The Marysville Globe published an opinion regarding the social epidemic of homelessness and substance use disorder. According to this piece, "A better route would be to stop the problem before it even starts." It seems quite simple. Find solutions that may work to curtail potential increase in our homeless population. Work toward … Continue reading Problems with preventing homelessness and substance use disorders