Support By Giving

Your financial contribution will help reach men and minister to their specific needs in order to grow and strengthen in faith

How Your Financial Support Helps

Damascus Way Recovery depends on your small financial contribution because it will go toward helping men, who are suffering and spiritually bankrupt, find strength and empowerment through the Gospel of Jesus Christ . By making a donation, you are making an investment in men’s lives where they stand in need of healing and restoration.

Here is where your donations help this website and program:

  • Maintain this website to present strategic and relevant content for inspiration in living out an authentic Christian Faith
  • Provide compensation for ongoing contributions to Christian freelance writers and Guest contributors
  • Further develop and enhance this program to assist other’s in becoming Christian Based Recovery mentor’s in order to implement within their own faith-based communities
  • Every $100.00 monthly contribution reached (through active monthly donations and subscriptions), Damascus Way Recovery will donate 10% to a national and local charity (Equals a total of 20%)
  • Every $500.00 total monthly donations Damascus Way Recovery receives, 25% will be donated to a local and national charity (equals a total of 50%).
  • Every $1000.00 monthly contribution Damascus Way Recovery receives, $450.00 will go to sponsor someone who needs treatment for substance use related disorders

The goal is to make an impact in the lives of men to become rooted in Jesus Christ in order to find liberty and peace from their suffering. Therefore, Damascus Way Recovery is asking for your help to achieve a consistent monthly revenue of $5000.00 USD in ongoing donations.

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